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"On RAT WARS, HEALTH, are not only making the heaviest, most genre-obliterating music of their career, theyíre documenting just how insane it feels to be alive right now. Itís The Downward Spiral for people with at least two monitors and a vitamin D deficiency. ďRAT WARSĒ is a definitive statement on the insanity and the insipidness of contemporary life. "

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SAXON UNLEASH HELL, FIRE AND DAMNATION Saxon proudly release their latest album Hell, Fire And Damnation on January 19th 2024, and when internationally-renowned actor Brian Blessed OBE delivers a proclamation for opening track, "The Prophecy", expectations are automatically high. Have no fear and make no mistake, Saxon meet and exceed them on their 24th studio release, creating a superlative British Heavy Metal classic which strides the perfect line between confident, current power, and gloriously irreverent flexing of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal muscle which Saxon co-created. There is supreme confidence in every performance. Biff Byford delivers his richest vocals in years, Nigel Glockler and Nibbs Carter on drums and bass respectively lay down the rhythmic law with thunderous power, and the guitars of Doug Scarratt and Brian Tatler are fresh and fiery, a perfect complement to each other, and carrying an overall energy and fury which will have fans salivating. Lyrically, Byford enjoys investigating all areas of both history and mystery, with Marie Antoinette, Kubla Khan, the Battle of Hastings, the Salem witch trials and the fight between good and evil on the title track all in the mix. Musically, Saxon bring it all to the table. There's a furious tribute to actual heavy metal in the denim & leather coated super-sprint "Fire And Steel", a wonderful nod to the NWOBHM's birth in the electric mid-pace "Pirates Of The Airwaves", but maybe the true treasure amidst the jewels is "There's Something In Roswell", with the sort of expansive groove and embrace which deserves arenas. Add to this excellent production by Biff and Andy Sneap (Sneap also mixed and mastered Hell, Fire And Damnation) and you have Saxon's most definitive statement in years.
Saxon - Hell Fire And Damnation
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The Highly Anticipated 5th album from the New Swedish Gods of Gothenburg Death Metal!!! Formed from the ashes of original 1990's 1st wave of Swedish Death Metal progenitors CROMLECH, CARNAL SAVAGERY have released 4 critically acclaimed and radio charting albums, "Grotesque Macabre" (2020/2023), "Fiendish" (2021), "Scent of Death" (2022) and "Worm Eaten" (2022) to date. CARNAL SAVAGERY Now return like the living dead to eat your brains and take over the world with their career defining and most accomplished album to date, "Into The Abysmal Void". "Into The Abysmal Void" delivers 11 new corpse rousing songs filled with de-fleshing Gothenburg melody, writhing Death Metal groove and enough skull cracking brutality to reanimate the undead! With "Into The Abysmal Void" CARNAL SAVAGERY climbs their way up the cadaver pile to the upper echelons of the Death Metal scene!PRESS:"Magnificent Swedish Old School Death Metal" 9/10 -metal-temple. Com"Carnal Savagery is on top of their game" -deadrhetoric. Com"Old school death metal thuggery, saturated in melody and entrenched in guttural groove. " -avenoctum. ComKEY SALES POINTS:* The highly anticipated 5th album from Sweden's Carnal Savagery!* Features Exclusive CD only bonus track!* Product Highlight Sticker with sales points!* Features guest appearances by member of Necrophobic, Nifelheim, Kvaen, Bleak Flesh, Beyond Chaos &Tannit!* Features a superb production from Studio LV5, Sweden (Horde of Hel, Nordjevel)!* Mastered by Dan Swano @ Unisond Studios (Bloodbath, Edge of Sanity, Nightingale, Diabolical Masquerade)!* Killer cover art by Sidjimbe Art (Blasphemous, Decomposing)!* Features members of early Death Metal pioneer CROMLECH, Divine Souls and Desolation. * The perfect embodiment of the Classic Swedish Melodic / Gothenburg Death Metal sound!* Mandatory for fans of Entombed, Autopsy, Unleashed, Cannibal Corpse, Grave & Dismember!MARKETING / PROMOTION:* 1st "teaser" Video & single "Morbid Death" and album announcement will be released on December 29th, 2023. * A 2nd Music Video "Limb by Limb" & single "Into the Abysmal Void" will be released on January 12th, 2024. * Adding at Radio on January 15th, servicing 400+ loud rock, specialty & college stations via Skateboard Marketing. * A third Music Lyric Video "Choked to Death" will be released on January 26th, 2024. * A fourth Music Video "Into the Abysmal Void" will be released on February 2nd, 2024. * Full page Consumer print ads in Decibel, Outburn, New Noise, Legacy and other hard music mags Jan. - June. * Banner advertising at hard music and lifestyle sites like Blabbermouth, Metal Injection and others. * Promotional servicing to national and regional rock, metal and alternative press. * Exclusive track stream previews at key online magazines starting January 12th. * Retail marketing $$ and PoS Discounts available for P&P Programs, co-op ads and listening posts. * 11 x 18" Promotional Posters available for all retailers!* Full album stream preview February @ moribundcult. Com & Moribund Socials with average 10,000+ streams. * Featured track on Moribund Sampler CD Vol. 6 with 5,000 FREE PROMOTIONAL CDs & average 10,000 downloads!* 10,000 color ads mailed directly to consumers and tagged in Moribund CDs. * Audio and Video samples @ all Social Media sites reaching 50k+ consumers. MARKETING / PROMOTION (Truncated as text):* The Highly Anticipated 5th album from the New Swedish Gods of Gothenburg Death Metal!* On December 29th the album announcement for "Into the Abysmal Void" will be released along with the 1st "teaser" video & single "Morbid Death". * A 2nd Video "Limb by Limb" & single "Into the Abysmal Void" will be released on January 12th, along with several exclusive track premieres at top magazines. * Adding at Radio on January 15th. * A third Lyric Video "Choked to Death" will be released on January 26th. A fourth Video "Into the Abysmal Void" will be released on February 2nd. * Full page print advertising in Decibel, Outburn, New Noise, Legacy Highwire Daze and other hard music mags. Banner advertising at hard music and lifestyle sites like Blabbermouth, Metal Injection and others. Track Listing:1. Defleshing Bones (3:04)2. Morbid Death (2:34)3. Stench of Burnt Decay (2:36)4. Column of Maggots (3:34) 5. Limb by Limb (3:38)6. Choked to Death (2:53)7. The Revenant (1:58)8. Reek of Decomposing Flesh (2:50)9. Into the Abysmal Void (2:27)10. Raped in a Coffin (2:58)11. Buried Alive (2:32) CD Only Bonus Track 12. Rotting in a Grave (3:29) Total Play Time: CD 34:37 / Digital 31:08* BOLD Denotes Radio Push Tracks* RADIO - Please NOTE Add Dates of January 15th!Also Available on Moribund Records by CARNAL SAVAGERY: 10% Deal on Catalog through 02. 02. 24 DEAD313 CARNAL SAVAGERY "Grotesque Macabre" CD Re-issue w/ 2 Bonus Tracks 768586031329DEAD302 CARNAL SAVAGERY "Worm Eaten" CD 768586030223DEAD288 CARNAL SAVAGERY "Scent of Death" CD 768586028824DEAD278 CARNAL SAVAGERY "Fiendish" CD 768586027827SINGLES:Single #1 (12. 29. 23 / December 29th, 2023 Release Date)1. Morbid Death (2:34)2. Limb by Limb (3:38)Single #2 (01. 12. 24 / January 12th, 2024 Release Date)1. Into the Abysmal Void (2:27)2. Choked to Death (2:53)VIDEO:Music, Lyric and Teaser Videos (Find Links Below):1. Morbid Death (2:34) = Teaser Video (12. 29. 23 / December 29th, 2023 Launch Date)2. Limb by Limb (3:38) = Official Music Video (01. 12. 24 / January 12th, 2024 Launch Date) -via Decibel Mag3. Choked to Death (2:53) = Lyric Video ((01. 26. 24 / January 26th, 2024 Launch Date)4. Into the Abysmal Void (2:27) = Official Music Video (02. 02. 24 / February 2nd, 2024 Launch Date) -via Legacy MagYOUTUBE AUDIO / VIDEO SAMPLES:"Morbid Death" Teaser Video:https://youtu. #be/oMWC5rOtixE
Carnal Savagery - Into The Abysmal Void
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Project Regeneration Vol 2 is a collection of 13 brand-new Static-X songs which contain the final vocal performances & musical compositions of founding vocalist Wayne Static, along with the original Wisconsin Death Trip lineup featuring Tony Campos (bass), Koichi Fukuda (guitars) and Ken Jay (drums). The new album was produced by the bandís current vocalist/guitarist Xer0 and mixed/mastered by long-time collaborator Ulrich Wild and is the 2nd installment of the 2-part release.

STATIC-X - Project Regeneration Vol 2

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