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028 Hells Headbangers

2014 Red Vinyl US Pressing

Record: NM possibly unplayed

Sleeve: NM minimal wear

Abysmal Lord - Storms Of Unholy Black Mass
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SD 11111 Atlantic

SEALED, Original US Pressing 1981, Embossed Gatefold

Record: Assumed Mint

Sleeve: NM minor plastic tear on top seam, slight corner wear

AC/DC - For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)
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LDM.30174 Vogue

Original French Stereo Pressing 1973

Record: High VG+ very clean however slight warp

Sleeve: High VG, 4 inch split along the top seam, some yellowing on both sides, some slightly crushed corners

The Aces - Kings Of Chicago Blues Vol. 1
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No Way Back

Used 12" Vinyl: $34.99 Buy Used

104750011214 Trax Records

SEALED, Original US Pressing 2000

Record: Assumed Mint

Sleeve: NM generic black sleeve

Adonis - No Way Back
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Casanova 70

Used 12" Colored Vinyl: $16.99 Buy Used

RSD Release

Record: VG+ looks hardly played

Sleeve: Generic

Air - Casanova 70
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0215400EMU Ear Music

2021 German Color Black & White 45 RPM Pressing

SIGNED, Can't authenticate the signature

Record: NM- possibly unplayed

Sleeve: NM- very light corner wear

Alice Cooper - Detroit Stories
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634457602300 Dream.hax Entertainment

SEALED, 2013 US Multicolor Splatter Pressing

Record: Assumed Mint

Sleeve: Mint, clean corners. With hype sticker!

Anamanaguchi - Endless Fantasy
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819531011184 Rise Records

2013 US Limited Edition Blue Pressing

Record: NM looks played once and put away

Sleeve: NM- slight corners dings

Anatomy Of A Ghost - Evanesce
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No. 2 Ironic Records

Original UK Pressing 1982

Record: Looks VG plays VG+ with only occasional noise

Sleeve: High VG, many small creases along the edges of the cover

Annette Peacock - Sky-skating
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Anti-Goth 239 Nuclear War Now! Productions

2013 US Pressing, Black Vinyl

Record: VG+ some slight scuffs on both sides

Sleeve: NM minimal wear, with inserts

Antediluvian - λόγος
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Import 2 x LP pressing on black vinyl. Island Records. 2019.
Ariana Grande - Thank U Next [2 LP]
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Analogue Productions Prestige

2006 45 RPM US Pressing

Record: NM- looks hardly played

Sleeve: NM- minimal wear

Arnett Cobb - Sizzlin [180 Gram]
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 SJR LP418 Soul Jazz Records

UK 2018 Reissue

Record: NM looks played once

Sleeve: NM minimal wear

Soul Jazz Records Presents - Art Ensemble Of Chicago: Les Stances A Sophie
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S 7-63216 Blue Horizon

Original UK Stereo Pressing 1969

Record: Low VG+ some small hairline scratches on both sides and a slight warp. 

Sleeve: VG+ some warping and some yellowing on the back cover

B.B. King - The B.B. King Story Chapter One Born In Itta Bena, Mississippi
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S 7-63226 Blue Horizon

Original UK Stereo Pressing 1969

Record: Low VG+ hairline scratches on both sides, slight warp

Sleeve: NM still in shrink!

B.B. King - The B.B. King Story Chapter Two Beale Street Blues
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US 7742 United

US Stereo Reissue, Purple Labels

Record: High VG, bugdet pressing so some noise might be pressing. Bit of a warp but doesn't seem to affect play.

Sleeve: High VG, 7 inch split along spine, some light rubbing on the cover, aging along the back

B.B. King - The Jungle
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SS 8410 Swan Song

SEALED, Original US Pressing 1974

Record: Assumed Mint

Sleeve: High VG+ some slight corner bends. With hype stickers!

Bad Company - Bad Company
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SMAS-X-1-2653 Capitol Records

1967 US Jacksonville Stereo Pressing

Record: NM- very very slight wear, otherwise absolutely clean.

Sleeve: High VG+ would be NM but previous owner wrote name & address on back cover upper right corner.

Comes with original insert and OG inner sleeve. Beautiful copy!

The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
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PCS 7088

1978 UK Reissue, Green Vinyl

Record: High VG has some wear

Sleeve: High VG, complete seam split along the top, hold price sticker upper right corner, light corner wear

The Beatles - Abbey Road
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SMAS 1-2386 G-36 SRC Capitol Records

US 1986 Stereo Reissue Rainbow Label

Was sealed, opened to check which pressing, found the record has a bad warp to it.

The record still plays and is otherwise extremely clean.

Cover is in NM+ shape with clean corners.

The Beatles - Help! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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RLP 2218 LPM 5159 Royal Roost

Original US Mono Pressing 1957, Blue Labels

Record: High VG, scuffing on both sides, but plays with light noise

Sleeve: Low VG+ light corner bumps, light aging on the back, stamp and small writing, old price sticker residue,

spine has begun to split a good 6 inches. Overall very nice considering the record's age.

Beverly Kenney - Sings With Jimmy Jones And
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BH-02 Barrelhouse Records

1974 US Reissue Yellow Cover

Record: Low VG+, some slight dimpling on A side, some slight wear on both sides

Sleeve: NM- still in shrink!

Big John Wrencher And His Maxwell Street Blues Boys - Maxwell Street Alley Blues
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Nichola Delita

Original Jamaican Pressing 1978

Record: High VG clean but plays with some noise as is typical of Jamaican pressings

Sleeve: High VG, flimsy sleeve, 2 old price stickers on front, small clear tape

Big Youth - Reggae Gi Dem Dub
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Anti-Goth 139 Nuclear War Now! Productions

2010 US Picture Disc Pressing

Record: NM looks minimally played

Sleeve: Missing, in generic clear sleeve

Blasphemophagher - ...For Chaos, Obscurity And Desolation...
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LP-1010 Spivey Records

Original US Pressing 1968

Record: VG+, slight warp, B side label pressed off center but doesn't seem to affect play

Sleeve: VG+ crease bottom right corner, some minor yellowing

The Bluesmen Of The Muddy Waters Chicago Blues Band - Spivey Presents Volume Two
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PG 31120 Columbia

SEALED, Original US Pressing

Record: Assumed Mint

Sleeve: NM- slight corner, slight plastic peal on upper left corner

Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Volume II
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AL 4723 Alligator Records

1981 US Stereo Pressing

Record: VG+ with a very slight warp & 2 faint marks on the B side

Sleeve: High VG some wear along the edges and a bit of crushed bottom left corner

Buddy Guy - Stone Crazy!
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2005 Blues Ball

Original US Pressing

Record: VG Warped but does not seem to affect play, otherwise clean

Sleeve: VG+ very clean, little wear

Buddy Guy - Got To Use Your Head
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LPS-1527 Chess

Original US Stereo Pressing

Record: High VG+ very nice, minimal wear. OG inner sleeve

Sleeve: High VG+ close to NM, very nice.

Buddy Guy - Left My Blues In San Francisco
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The Budos Band


Used LP: $39.99 Buy Used

DAP-057-1 Daptone Records

US 2019 Limited Edition Red/Black Vinyl, Alt Cover

Record: NM record looks played once and put away

Sleeve: High VG+ slightly crushed corners, with download card

The Budos Band - V
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Talent 'Live' Records

SEALED, Original US 1986 Pressing

Record: Assumed Mint

Sleeve: Mint clean corners

Busting Barriers - Busting Barriers With Music
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LBV 002 Latino Bugger Veil

Original US Pressing 1989, No 01133 of 10000

Record: VG+ some light scratches on sides 1 & 4 but otherwise clean

Sleeve: High VG, bad bump on bottom left corner, bump on bottom right corner. With inserts and booklet!

Butthole Surfers - Double Live
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190758220413 Epic Syco Entertainment

US 2018 Gold Vinyl Pressing, No. 02491

Record: NM- looks lightly played

Sleeve: VG+ some light corner wear. With OG inner sleeve

Camila Cabello - Camila
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F-UK-U2 Hit Records

Original UK Pressing 1982

Record: High VG+ very close to NM, super clean

Sleeve: Low VG+ old price sticker on the front, some wear on the corners and a crease along the top left

The Cannibals - Bone To Pick
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724382241911 Blow Up

Original German Pressing 1995

Record: VG+, some marks on side A, old price stickers on A & C labels

Sleeve: Low VG+, old sticker residue on front cover, some bumps on the corners, minor edge wear.

Captain Hollywood Project - Animals Or Human
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Charlie Palmieri


Used 10" Vinyl: $99.99 Buy Used

SLP-51 Seeco

Original US Mono 10", Unknown Year

Record: Low VG+ small scuffing on both sides

Sleeve: Low VG+ some rubbing and a couple marks on both sides, aging

Charlie Palmieri - Mambos
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00MJ 3268/77 Verve Records

Original Japanese Mono Box Set Pressing 1984

Record: NM- all records look played once and put away

Sleeve: Low VG+ some wear along the corners of the box, light creasing, some marks here and there.

Includes all inserts and Obi strip

Charlie Parker - Charlie Parker On Verve 1946-1954
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BHP 04 Buckwheat Headlock Productions

Original US Pressing 1988

Record: VG+, 2 faint scratches on the B side

Sleeve: High VG, half seam split along the bottom. With booklet & OG inner sleeve!

The Chosen Few - Do The Manic!
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Dalek I

Compass Kumpas

Used Vinyl: $29.99 Buy Used

MR-010 Medical Records

US 2011 Issue with Flexi Single, SEALED

Record: Assumed Mint

Sleeve: NM light corner wear

Dalek I - Compass Kumpas
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RALP 0138/39 Ryko Analogue

SEALED, 1990 US Club Edition Remaster, Clear Vinyl

Record: Assumed Mint

Sleeve: NM slight corner wear

David Bowie - David Live
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David Pratt


Used LP: $49.99 Buy Used

38022 Stentorian

Original US Stereo Pressing

Punk from Grand Rapids!

Record: VG+ slight wear on both sides

Sleeve: NM- still in shrink, slight corner bump upper right

David Pratt - Pratt
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075992508513 Warner Bros

SEALED, Original US Pressing, Unknown which variant

Record: Assumed Mint

Sleeve: NM light corner wear

Dire Straits - Alchemy (Live)
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740120816234 Bigtyme Records

US 2020 Picture Disc

Record: NM- looks lightly played

Sleeve: Generic plastic sleeve with sticker

Dj Screw - All Screwed Up (Volume 2) [Limited Edition Picture Disc LP]
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BST 84124 Blue Note

Original US Stereo Pressing 1964, "New York"

Record: Low VG+ some faint wear on both sides, not too bad though

Sleeve: High VG, yellowing on front and back, bumped on bottom right corner. Some slight ringwear/rubbing

With OG inner sleeve

Donald Byrd - A New Perspective
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RGM-1238 Real Gone Music

2021 US Limited Edition Pressing, Clear & Black Splatter

Record: NM looks played once and put away

Sleeve: NM minimal wear

Doug Carn - Revelation
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T-2206 Testament Records

Original US 1965 Pressing, Blue Labels

Record: VG+ one soft scratch on A side, not feelable

Sleeve: High VG, light rubbing on the front, rubbing & ringwear on the back, mild aging

Dr. Isaiah Ross - Call The Doctor
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010963204315 DCC Compact Classics

1992 US Audiophile Limited Pressing

Record: VG+ 2 light marks on side A, light wear on B side

Sleeve: VG+ light edge wear. With hype sticker and inserts!

Eagles - Hotel California
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BOB 10002 Blues On Blues

US 1972 Stereo Repress

Record: VG+ some scuffing on both sides, could use a cleaning, very slight warp

Sleeve: NM still in shrink!

Earl Hooker - Funk (Last Of The Great Earl Hooker)
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BLP 106 Moonshine

Original Belgium Pressing

Record: NM looks unplayed

Sleeve: NM- has some very minor yellowing along opening

Eddie Guitar Burns - Treat Me Like I Treat You
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MT 604 H 1193 Motown

Original US Mono Pressing 1962

Record: Looks VG plays VG+ pretty clean considering the record's age

Sleeve: Low VG+ some ringwear on the front, general aging

Eddie Holland - Eddie Holland
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PLP-3501 P-Vine Special

Original Japanese Pressing 1978

Record: NM- looks fantastic, almost no wear!

Sleeve: High VG+ some yellowing and creasing on the Obi strip. With Obi and insert!

Eddie Taylor - Bad Boy A Long Way From Chicago
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No. 2802 Advent

Original US Stereo Pressing 1972

Record: VG+ pressing defect on side 2 that doesn't seem to affect play

Sleeve: VG+ some minor yellowing along the opening and bumped corners

Eddie Taylor - I Feel So Bad
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UAS 6647 United Artists Records

Original US Stereo Pressing 1968

Record: VG+, light wear on both sides, glossy

Sleeve: VG+ small price sticker on front, light corner and edge wear, minor aging on the back

Ellie Greenwich - Composes, Produces And Sings
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LPM 1382 G2WP-7207 Ind RCA Victor

Original US Mono Pressing 1956

Record: G+ many hairline marks and scuffing on both sides, plays with background noise under the music

Sleeve: VG+ very nice sleeve, light rubbing on front & back, and light corner & edge wear. With OG inner sleeve

Elvis Presley - Elvis
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LPM 1254 G2PP-1282 Ind RCA Victor

Original US Mono Pressing 1956

Record: VG plays better than it looks, some light noise occasionally

Sleeve: Low VG+ some corner foxing, light edge wear, light aging on the back, small writing upper right on the back

Elvis Presley - Elvis Presley
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CRL 57194 Coral

Original 1957 Mono Pressing, Red Label

Record: NM looks absolutely fantastic possibly unplayed

Sleeve: High VG, some rubbing on the front, name written on back, 3.5 inch split upper right with some creasing.

With OG inner sleeve!

Erin O'brien - Songs From The Heart Of Erin O'Brien
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45: G+ Vinyl looks VG except for several dimples in wax. Sleeve: Generic White 

Blue Monday / What's The Reason I'm Not Pleasing You

Label: Imperial ‎– X5417
Format: Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Mono
Country: US
Released: 1956
Genre: Rock, Blues
Style: Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues

Fats Domino - Blue Monday / What's The Reason I'm Not Pleasing You
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