Record Store Day 2019

Record Store Day 2019 is Saturday April 13th. Listed below you will find all of the information about the date you will need. If you still have any sort of questions please give us a call at (313)-561-1000.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. All items are limited and cannot be held or special ordered. Please remember we do our best every year to order everything we can but due to the limited nature of these titles, every stores' orders are cut. If we sell out of a product please give us your name and phone number and we will notify you if we receive more stock when we place reorders. Also we will be notifying everyone via our social media when we get orders back in.

  2. Each item is limited to one per customer.

  3. No returns will be accepted on any Record Store Day releases. 

  4. Please be respectful of your fellow record junkies.

  5. Depending on line size, we may limit the amount of people inside the store at once. This is not only for our safety, but for yours as well. If this occurs, we ask that you please be patient and we will let in customers waiting outside as people leave the store.


Hours of Operation

Just like years before we will be opening up early this year at 8AM. Last year we had over 400 people in line when we opened the doors. Please plan ahead, most items are limited.


To celebrate on Record Store Day we will be having a sale that covers ALL Record Store Day 2019 titles. Come on in all day on Saturday April 13th to receive up to 20% off on all new and used media. Again all RSD 2019 titles will be included on this sale. Excluding the 3 inch Record players.

If you still have questions please feel free to call us. 

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