Dearborn Music



Format: Vinyl
Label: PPSK
Catalog: 2
Rel. Date: 05/26/2009
UPC: 020286134312

Artist: Andrew Dost
Format: Vinyl
New: Available In Store $12.99 $8.70 ON SALE

Formats and Editions


1. Overture (Come Morning, Come Morning)
2. Hey Columbus!
3. Behold, It is Round!
4. What's an Adventure Without a Crew?
5. O Guinevere
6. Goodbye
7. Sailing Song (Weight and Sea)
8. We're Setting Sail!
9. Adventure and Shenanigans
10. Adventurers Question Their Adventure, The
11. Poseidon's Theme (I Will Destroy You)
12. Dude! I Can See Land!
13. Welcome To Our Native Land
14. I Don T Trust This Newcomer
15. Let's Start a Nation!
16. World is Flat, The
17. One-Man Mutiny/the Salt of the Sea
18. Dude! I Can See Land! Again!
19. I've Got a Feeling
20. Hey Columbus! You're Back!

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