Overkill/Bomber [RSD 2019]


Format: 2 x 7" Vinyl
Label: BMG
Rel. Date: 04/13/2019
UPC: 4050538452334

Overkill/Bomber [RSD 2019]
Artist: Motorhead
Format: 2 x 7" Vinyl
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40th anniversary double 7" picture disc celebration of the loudest, dirtiest, bastard rock ‘n’ roll of 1979, the year MOTÖRHEAD released both the seminal OVERKILL and BOMBER albums. This die cut,
gatefold two single set contains the lead singles from those classic albums.

Overkill 7" Side A 1.  Overkill Side B 1. Too Late Too Late  Bomber 7" Side A 1. Bomber Side B 1. Over The Top