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John Holt (Vocals) - John Holt in Symphony


Format: CD
Label: Jet Star (USA)
Catalog: 1012
Rel. Date: 09/11/2001
UPC: 649035101223

John Holt in Symphony
Artist: John Holt (Vocals)
Format: CD
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1. I'd Love You to Want Me
2. Never Never Never
3. Stoned Out Of My Mind
4. Mr. Bojangles
5. Further You Look, The
6. Help Me Make It Through the Night
7. Morning of My Life
8. Stick By Me
9. It May Sound Silly
10. Love I Can Feel, A
11. I Wanna Dance
12. Tide Is High, The
13. Stealing
14. Stranger
15. On the Beach
16. Time Is the Master


1. I See In You
2. If You Wanna Go
3. Push Come To Shove
4. Stop Loving You
5. Prophecy
6. Just Don't Want To Be Lonely
7. Key To The City
8. Let Him Try
9. Loving Pauper
10. I Was Born A Winner
11. Here I Come

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