Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle


Format: Vinyl
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 11/22/2018
UPC: 759656064514

Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle
Artist: Kinski
Format: Vinyl


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Be Gentle With The Warm Turtle​ ​is the second​ ​studio​ ​r​ecording​ by the Seattle quartet Kinski. Kinski's song structure, dynamics, delivery, and sheer volume of sound are stunning.​ ​They confidently occupy a space between Sonic Youth, Slint, Mogwai​ ​and​ ​Yo La Tengo.​ ​Available for the first time on vinyl as a double LP with two bonus tracks​ ​previously only available on compilations​, t​heir debut full length release ranks as a quite an achievement, succeeding where others in the often tiresome world of instrumental rock have failed.

A1 Spacelaunch for Frenchie A2 New India
B1 Newport B2 One Ear in the Sun B3 Daydream Intonation
C1 That Helmut Poe Kid's Weird C2 Montgomery
D1 My New Worry D2 Teen Center