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Title Artist Release Date Label Format Price
Army Life The Exploited $19.99 BUY
Peace Artists The Magnificent Gonads $12.99 BUY
Shell Shock / She Can Dance Erazerhead $13.99 BUY
Country Girl Became Drugs And Sex Punk Serious Drinking $17.99 BUY
I Watched You Slowly Slip Away Howard Guyton $99.99 BUY
We Got A Good Thing Going Joe Matthews $35.99 BUY
Early Stan Stan Getz LP $19.99 BUY
Spanish Rice Clark Terry & Chico O'Farrill LP $14.99 BUY
The Last Sessions 1963 Sonny Boy Williamson LP $49.99 BUY
Talk That Talk - Sonny Boy at The Chess Studio 1957-61 Sonny Boy Williamson LP $34.99 BUY
The Fabulous Cadillacs The Cadillacs LP $29.99 BUY
The Great White Boss Bruce Springsteen And The E-Street Band LP Box Set $49.99 BUY
Small Faces Small Faces LP $49.99 BUY
A Golden Celebration Elvis Presley LP Box Set $49.99 BUY
The Other Sides - Worldwide Gold Award Hits - Vol. 2 Elvis Presley LP Box Set $39.99 BUY
Vol. 3 Luz Y Sonido (l No Te Quiere) Grupo Pegasso LP $24.99 BUY
Maiden Voyage T. Takahashi & The Tokyo Union LP $89.99 BUY
That's Him! Abbey Lincoln With The Riverside Jazz Stars LP $74.99 BUY
Eyes Of The Heart Keith Jarrett LP $29.99 BUY
참사랑 빗속의 연가 (True Love and Love in the Rain) Kim Sang Hee LP $29.99 BUY
Chevere Jorge Dalto LP $69.99 BUY
Swing Easy Frank Sinatra LP $19.99 BUY
Propaganda Sparks LP $39.99 BUY
Kimono My House Sparks LP $24.99 BUY
The Rest of Sparks Sparks LP $24.99 BUY
Big Beat Sparks LP $24.99 BUY
Indiscreet Sparks LP $29.99 BUY
Myam James Part I (10th Anniversary Edition) Kettel LP $34.99 BUY
Cradle To The Grave Squeeze LP $49.99 BUY
Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here Symphonic Various London Orion Orchestra LP $79.99 BUY

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